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578: EB Weighs in on Popular Diets

In lately’s listener Q&A episode, we’re diving into well-liked diets like keto & OMAD (one meal an afternoon) in addition to questions on consuming smartly on the cheap, managing occasions of pressure and a lot more!

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Questions Addressed in Today’s Episode:

  • What are your ideas on OMAD (one meal an afternoon)?
  • I am getting on those streaks of serious self-care after which one thing occurs in my lifestyles – chaos or disaster – how can I teach myself to embody this way of life even if issues are laborious?
  • Is it improper to really feel like you want outdoor lend a hand to modify?
  • One of the justifications I all the time give myself is that I will be able to’t come up with the money for to consume wholesome. The factor is, it feels true, no longer like an excuse. Do you’ve any guidelines?
  • What are your best 2-Three standpoint shifts or mindset adjustments that experience advanced your lifestyles?

Daily Routine Tips

  • You stand up very early. What time do you move to mattress and what sort of sleep do you attempt to get?
  • Does the 12 WT focus on weight reduction or can it practice to any function in lifestyles?
  • How do you are feeling in regards to the keto vitamin?
  • I’m just right at abstinence however once I’ve one deal with, I am going off the rails. How can I am getting to the purpose the place I will be able to have one deal with with out blowing it?
  • When is your cookbook popping out?
  • How to I am getting again on observe after a binge streak?

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