Previously SARS, H1N1, Then HFMD, And Now H7N9, WHAT NEXT?


New germs and viruses keep popping up every now and then and the threat of diseases never seems to end. But wait – why is it that some people can stay health and sickness – free while others topple over at the slightest sniffle?

The answer lies in our immune system. Where people with weak immune systems depend on medicines and antibiotics, people with strong immunity can simple fight off harmful pathogens even if their peers are struck down with sickness.

That’s why boosting our immune system is the smartest way to keep sickness at bay. There are ways to boost our immune system such as eating a healthy diet, exercising and avoiding or minimising stress. Another brilliant way is by taking natural immune-boosting supplements such as colostrum.


Colostrum is the first secretion by mothers during an initial period post-delivery before it transitions into milk. It’s one of the few natural foods that contain Immune Factors (IF) and Growth Factors (GF). IF are proteins that support the immune system while GF help the healing and regeneration of cells.

Scientists have found bovine colostrum, with its incredibly rich combination of IF, to be one of the most powerful immune-boosting food available and which is the most compatible to human colostrum. According to Annals of the New York Academy of Science, the immunoglobulins in bovine colostrum are able to neutralise the most harmful bacteria, viruses and yeasts. Other researchers have discovered that the IF in bovine colostrum can kill bacteria and viruses, balance the immune system, control inflammation and hinder the development of illness and disorders.

The GF in bovine colostrum are also vitally unique in that they can encourage cells to reproduce. According to the University of Arizona, the GF in bovine colostrum has quick, strong healing and regrowth properties and that means there is usually less scarring and faster tissue repair.


Compared with normal colostrum, Win IG6 colostrum is collected during the first milking upon the birth of the calf and therefore is more potent:

  • Contains up to 30% immunoglobins as well as a host of IF and GF.
  • Pure and not denatured, thus it contains permeability factors like a trypsin inhibitor and a protease inhibitor that prevent digestive enzymes and acids from breaking down colostrum’s active proteins, resulting in potent colostrum with the highest beneficial factors;
  • Has no added chemicals;
  • Collected from Grade A cattle which have been fed contaminant-free water, chemical-free and nutritionally-balanced food

Withstand the attacks of pathogens. Shield your body with a protective layer fortified by Win IG6 Colostrum today!

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